• Reflections out today!!!

    REFLECTIONS IS OUT TODAY FOLKS!!! I say this truthfully that this is my favorite record that I’ve ever done of my 5 albums… I also say record because I really did put it together with a record mentality in mind… (i.e. a FRONT and a BACK) Yes, I’m eventually going to put it out on

  • Reflections available August 12th

    Available digitally everywhere August 12th and available for Pre Order on iTunes on August 5th!!! The all new 8 track album is my 5th studio album and probably my most favorite collection that I’ve ever put together on one disc.  I can’t wait til you all hear it!!! – KC

  • The New Album is Finished!!!

    yep!!! 2 Years in the Making and finally complete… Right now just working on the final edits in the studio but all production is done!!! Tentatively I’m hoping to launch the new 8 track album “Reflections” the first week of August.  I think Aug 5 for my 5th has such a nice ring to it,

  • Kevin Cochran Updates

    The Official Home Page Of Kevin Cochran…   Welcome to the all new Kevin Cochran Page.  I apologize for slacking off so much over the last year.  I’ve been busy recording the 5th album!!! Which as it turns out, I’m busy finishing off the final touches right now and hope to release this August!!! Keep